How to defend fake case

Greetings, Sir, My wife and her family has accused me n my family in a fake case of IPC 498A, 314, 316, 323, 504, 506. She left the home with taking my 1.5 year son while I was gone to a doctor for my check up. Nov 30, 10 pm she came with her brother n started shouting n misbehaving, coz of all this I had to take help from police (100) She tried to put some political n social pressure in next 2-3 days, On DEC 5, I got a call from women police station asking to come, There she put a condition to leave my old mother, to which no one supported, after hours of discussion she asked police that she need one day time, Since then me n my family tried to approach her for betterment but she refused n din't allow to meet kid as well, Now today march 20, came to know, she has filed a fake case against me under above said sections. Police person said that he is getting pressure calls to take action. I always wanted a kid n trust me I never hurted her as well. My family details are, me (age 36 y) and my mom (widow/age 66/suffering from multiple diseases n under medical treatment) 2 sisters, both r married n living their places. Please guide as I m unable to decide what to do.. Regards, Manu Srivastava