What can i do to claim my rights in the ancester property

I am a born parsi girl married to a christian boy. i have not changed my religion. i was evacuated from my fathers house in 2012 by high court. my father had filed appeal in the court.in 2013 july my father expired and i had send a lawyers letter to the parsi central association society for not transffering the flat without my consent. but they did not reply to me even after 3 reminders. lately my brothers advocate contacted me for compromise. he asked me my view over the property and i asked him for equal share in the property. he said he will fix up a meeting between the 2 parties but this never happened instead my bhabhi called my advocate and said they dont want to give any share to me as i am married to outcaste and i loose alll my rights. my mother is also not willing to give me any share as she is in favour of him from the start. this property belonged to my grandfather thereafter to my grandmother and than my father. my grandmother died in 1980 and i was born in 1975. pls let me know wht futher step i should take and do i have right in this house.