Husband mentally harassing

My husband threatens me of divorce, blackmailes me of my past, doubts my character and gives me ultimatum of ending relation.he has taken rental near his parents house. But he said that his parents will not take care of the baby. I have six month old baby. My husband said that when I will go to work in the morning he will take the baby to his parents house daily . What if he happens to sleep there(since he has night shift) and his parents don't see my son properly. Then who will be responsible. My husband is ready to leave me with such a small baby whole night alone. Still I agreed to him. But in my absence I don't want him to take the child at his parents house since they have told that they will.not take care of the child. Is there any complaint I can do for my son's safety? What is such a complaint called? Also if I don't listen to my husband he blackmailes me of my past, threatens me of divorce . I get mentally harassed. Suicidal thoughts come to my mind.Can I file a complaint for my safety as well?