Can the youngest son get ownership of house ?

Hello my name is shubham i am from goa i have one big brother his name is omkar. my question is i stay in our house at Margao Goa with my wife and son for around 20 years. my brother has flat at some other place, he left this house 10 years ago and purchased flat. our current house was owned by my father ragu borkar he is dead but we have not yet changed the ownership. one of the builder is planning to demolish our old house which i am currently living in and he wants to build 3 storey building and give us 1 flat. so now when the new flat will be build its obvious that the ownership of the house will go to my older then me. my question is ;- can i make the house on my name without permition of my elder brother ? as i am staying in this house for more then him. there is any rule that younger brother can get ownership of house ? why shubham(younger) deserves : i am staying in this house for 20 years ( only neighbor is proof ) why shubham dont deserves : he is younger then omkar . why omkar (elder) deserves : he is elder son of raghu borkar why omkar dont deserve : he is not staying in this home and has his own flat. ( electricity bills, water bills and house tax is on the name of raghu borkar, but i ( shubham ) paying everything in his name)