Survey number missing in old sale

Bought a plot 5 years ago I am fifth owner, the Plot is from reputed real estate company X in Hyderabad, the plot are made in 1998 (tar road, Electricity Poles, Water pipeline) and first sale has been done in 1998. The EC for this plot, from 1998 till date is clear. The Plotting has been done by X in land under survey no 151 and 178C, however all the sale agreement document has been mentioned only survey no 151, missing to mention about 178 The X has respective sale deed in 1996, for land 151 and 178C, and also the letter of conversion from agriculture land to residential plots. Now grand son(along with mother and grand mother) of the Agriculture land survey number 178A,B,C , claim the ownership based on the records of paani - Seems the records in the Paani (to X) was not updated, now he put case on 20 + plot owners. 1) How can we protect our my plot. 2) How can we include the Survey Number 178 to be included into. 3) How to know if which plot is under 151 and 178 Survey now. we have discussion internally, people are suggesting the below 1) Rectification Deed by X to Existing Owner- I have a doubt - we are not the direct party with X, I am the fifth owner, will this have legal santity. 2) Multiple Rectification Deed :- X to Owner 1, Owner 1 to Owner 2, Owner 2 to Owner 3, this continues to latest Owner - There is a difficulty find the all the Owners. 3) Release Document dispute right - I am not what this document really stands in Law terms. How is the Rectification Deed / Release Document dispute, really help in this case. Please help us middle class families. Thanks in advance.