Whether my husband will be punished?

Dear Sir,I got.married.three. Years.back in.2011my husband.is.working in singapore.after few days I came. To.know my husband has.illicit relationship. With his elder.brother's. Wife.For rumored years.when I found that he started. Avoiding.me.and when.we buy things for.marriage my.Mother.in.law.said.don't.buy fridge.and washing.machine.after they.come.from singapore,u can.buy,but after.we.go.to singapore,after few.days my.Mother.In.law.came.there.and stayed. And.she tortured.me u dint.do.do for.marriage, u dint.buy fridge washing machine this and that and.along with her.my husband.also.started.tortureing.me.iam.financially nsuffering.a lot.then.one.day.when.we.we're.staying together,minus.and.his.moth.bet me and.sent.out.of.home along with my five.months.old baby.he left me.went.to singapor.after few.days he put.notice stating that,he want.to.live with me.in the year 2013. But he never do any arrangement to take.me.til.now.so far.I too kept.2 to 3 advocates but they were not true. To.me and.I don't.hv more.Money to spend for advocates too.finally iam.moving with an advocate but she says with court.legally we.can't.get any punishment.to your husband,even.if.you put on.Dv also he.won't.get.punishment,only thing ubcan do is make him.to roam dats all.now.I.doubt..My advocate also.My question is how.can.My hus be.without getting any. Punishment? If a man cheates. A.lady and give birth and can.he easily escape from.law? I want him.to punish at the.same.time.I want.Money also from.Him.won't he be.punished.if I file.on.Dv?.How come my advocate says we can't do him anything at all. Becoz.years passed.away..he is sending.just 4000 rs for.baby's.expense.and.not.For.me.too.is she true to.me.whom.will.I.trust if all.advocates are.doing like this....two days before.I.put.leave.and went.to file.MC but it has returned becoz.of.not.filing properly. She.told.extra.copy she.kept.dats.y it has.been.returned.indent.know.what to do for.this. I see in.newspaper becuse of dowry harassment husband.and.Mother.In.laws goes.to.jail.for 7 years. But.how.My.husband.can.escape. From.this.when.he has done.all tortures.to.me.Isn't there any.way to punish him.plz.tell.