Non-payment of a credit card lost in 2001

My husband had a Credit Card of Standard Chartered Bank way back in 1998. He lost that card in 2001 and called the Bank to block the card. He was in Mumbai at that point in time. There was no further communication from the Bnak thereafter. In course of time he forgot totally about this card and several houses were changed due to job transfer. The last payment he made on that card was in 2001. We were not even married then. Suddenly yesterday he gets an email from a Lawyer who is representing the Recovery Agency claiming 32 Lac as settlement amount while the card had a limit of Rs 16,000/- only. In all these years whatever loans we took (home loan or car loan) have been paid back well within time or foreclosed duly. Now suddenly this bolt from the blue has left us thoroughly confused. If there is any principal amount that was due from him (the usage charges) we are ready to pay it but not a penny more towards interest or any other charges. Can we get some suggestion to a way forward please? Thank you