498A, 323, 504,506, 307, 3/4

Hello Sir, I am Working software engg. and Got married on 29th April 2009 (Approx 7 years). My wife (From Mathura UP) left with 2 Kids ( Boy- 6 yrs and Girl-3 yrs). When married we lived in Mumbai as joint family with(Parents and 2 sisters), Brother is working abroad. From last 3 years my wife asking for me to separate from Parents and thats why she go her home town and not coming back, When ever I go to call her back her brothers harrased me. Last Time when I went with parents to bring her back, and promised to live separate. Even they forcefully took my and fathers signature of blank bond paper. Later she came back and I separated her, since four months from then she suddenly left the home taken all her jewels and kids with her and She left the application near by police station against me and family and there after she filed complaint at her home town with help of her brothers I got notice a days before mentioning as to be present at Mahila police with other 4. The notice shows as (498A, 323, 504, 506, 307, 3/4 ) in which she filed complaint against me , My 2 sisters and parents. I am trying to get AB for that, But some says AB is applicable in UP. What I should do before I show attendance to Police there. Please suggest. There are lot information I want to discuss. Thanks and Regards M R Qureshi