Respected Sir, I Shevanta Shahapurkar, aged 56 yrs residing at above mentioned address for last 11 years. my husband expired in 2013( last 3 years). I am residing with my divorce daughter and grand daughter. We are only ladies staying here. My neighbour (Ms. Kalyani Rane and her family members) and other political party are harassing me and saying to leave the house. Sir, where i reside 90% houses are illegal and without permission others are constructing houses for them no action is been taken but my front roof was down so raised the wall by putting slab, my neighbour and municipality people stated objecting and put seal. we went to tribunal court and asked to remove the seal. Seal was removed but case was dismissed. Municipality started putting again pressure that they will demolish the slab. Sir, the area which we had put slab is only 16 m2. If they demolish that my entire house will come down as it is old construction. We requested municipality that we are ready to pay the penalty but they are not listening to us as they say our neighbour is putting pressure with the help of political party. If municipality are correct why they are targeting only me, why not all houses of New Vaddem which is illegal and still construction is carried without licence. Sir what should i do.