Property cheat by own family (brothers)

Sir/Madam, I am the eldest son to my parents (among 4 brothers and a sister, total 5 children) my age is 50 in the year 1994 i bought 45 cents of land and my other 2 brothers (2nd and 3rd brother) bought 23 cents of the land adjacent to it. Due to the pressure (sentimentally) by my 2nd brother , i agreed to register the entire land on my mother's name (ie 45 +23 cents totally my property and my both bro's property) Now i want my property back so that i can give it to my children, when i asked them the rejected my plea (including my mom) and said that the property 45+23 cents will be distributed equally among all the four brothers. I was shocked by their cheating and my younger brother (4th brother) who didn't kept a single penny on the property should be given equally. This will be huge loss for me , all my brothers including my mother cheated me . I have fear if i proceed legally since its registered on my mother's name the law also cannot help me by doing justice please help me what to do