i have been charged with 354D

my ex girl friends dad has registerd a case against me saying, she dosent know me and i forced her to marry me, and when she didnt agree, i approched her dad and even he said no, and i got angry and started texting her dad abusive things. i had texted her dad, but nothing abusive, i tried to explain to him about our relationship. and how deep was it. but her dad has taken screenshots of those msgs and taken print out and submitted to the police. she was my girl frnd and she alleged me of havin another relatonship with which i cheated her as the reason for breakup and then spread rumors about me in college and among profs sayong i threatned to pour acid and i moirphed her pics. i hav pics of her with me when we both had gone for trips and when she has stayed with me in my room.. and last week i was called to police station and her dad was there. i said wil go for compromice and then her dad asking me to give in writing that his daughter is a nice girl and i did all the mistake plus i should text her family n relatives, to which i said no. what all are the legal issues in this case. i hav taken bail.