The police had registered a false case against me under crpc 107-151 on the basis of a false complaint of my inlaws. on 1nov2015 at 11pm they came & shouted on us . At 12:02 night I called at 100. Pcr came there came police bike at same time on12:07. They told me to visit shahdara thana and there asked me whether I was hurt ? I denied. they sent me to gtb hospital for mlc with sipahi in my own car. returning to thana I was asked whether any injury ? I again denied and was told to sign on paper which I did. Afterwards they send me to lockup. next day my wife gives byan against me at SEM court seelampur. I was sent to tihar. My family paid 2500/- for bail was given next day. My saala came on 31dec2015 after several dates and posts his byan. after many dates he came to cross his byan. there is no MLC for any injury from both sides but still they had given me the next date. Donno why ? What can I do now ? I had done nothing wrong and still gone to tihar jail for toturous 28hrs. Please help !