Superstructure Partition Between 2 Sons and Mother

We have a superstructure owned by 2 sons and mother. The land belongs to the temple and we are in a leasehold agreement with the temple. This property is transferred by my grandfather to my father. My father is died before 20 years and we are the legal heirs. The source of income is from rent from individual flat and commercial space. Please kindly look into below questions and share your views, it will be very much helpful to us. 1. What are the options of owning the land in the future if the temple agrees to sell. We owned the superstructure for more than 40 years. 2. If the property is partitioned equally as 3 shares, is it possible in future my mom can sell her share to anyone to me or to my elder brother? 3. My father not left any willful deed and the property is in my father's name. I am curious to know whether my mom can enjoy the property but not to sell her share to anyone. 4. What might be the legal complications if we go for three equal parts? 5. Incase if one of the heir want to demolish the building, what might be the legal complications in that case. Thanks in advance.