Hi, I am 25 and my boyfriend is 27. We are struggling to convince his family to agree for the marriage since 1.5 years, but they haven't even met me or agreed to speak to my parents. He is a Jain and me being non Jain, the only reason. We both have good jobs, he lives in Chennai and i live in Bombay. We are giving up and planning to get married in the next 3 months including his job switch to Mumbai or any other city. However, i am going through major mental tension with all the abusing that I've had faced from his mother since past 1 year. She has called me very bad names including cursing my family. She has been harassing me by telling everyone in his family that i am already married to someone else and that i perform black magic on her son, so that nobody in the family support us. This has affected me mentally, unable to work. I wish to file a complain just for her to get a warning, i have video recordings of her while she is abusing me and my family which i have taken through Skype while video call. Please help me!