1.Will is written by testator. (4 legal heirs) Will refused to be probated by the two brothers named as executors. 2.Filed an application and asked them to accept executor ship and start probate proceedings. 3. Wakalat filed no action by respondents. 4.Citation issued to proceed with other options to file for LOA by court. 5.OP for grant of LOA filed.(with Xerox copies) 6.Ads given in the papers/stamp duty paid/witness testified. (by court orders) 7.Court asked respondents to submit the originals in the registry but nearly 3 years they dodged to submit (3 judges have ordered to submit the will and codicils not compiled with.) 8.Suddenly the “so called executors” Files and caveat and file an application in court for allowing them to probate and give them a chance. After 3 yrs. Court rejected their appeal as non-maintainable. 9. Original will and codicils submitted in registry. 10. Set of documents related to the case was asked and was submitted. 11. It is clearly noted and order by the judge that the Xerox copy of will and codicil submitted by the petitioner are original submitted by the respondents are not disputed. 12. BUT THE respondents COUNCILS WANT TO CONVERT IT INTO TOS FOR THEIR GAIN and dragon the issue . 13.MY QUESTION: WHEN THE ORIGINAL WILL IS SUBMITTED IN THE REGISTRY AND THE WILL IS NOT DISPUTED. CAN IT BE CONVERTED INTO A TOS? Thanks in Advance