Hello sir,my name is purushotham, sir am here to know about my case with ipc sections 354d,506 and 509 please help me out here it is,sir there is a women(A) living in a home which is infront of my home filed a case against me with above sections and the details are like this, One day when me and my mom with my sister in law r chit chating at our gate(which is in front of my home ) suddenly the women"s (who living infront of my home)husband(B) came outside and started some unparlmentary words towords my mother and me stating that why r u people doing so.I didnt understand what he is speaking so I asked me politetly what is the matter. Then he said why r u harrasingmy wife I confused and said what r you talking,then while am talking he has beaten me ,then he rushed to nearest police station and filed a complaint against me with his wife and with another lady(C) who living in the same house(tenats)as I alredy mentioned the sections.Their complaints are like this 1.They(both she and her tenant) r saying that am watching(spying) them from my balcony and giving signals like clapping,flying kisses and words(gestures) and using unparlimentary words. 2.He(me) has beaten her husband with hands. 3.and am doing(they r saying like that) all these things since few months. for these there r 3 eye witnesses 1.a women living beside my home(E) who is already has some personal grudge and before this thing happend we filed a case against her(E) husband but they compromised and has given a wriiten note on a white paper stating that will never disturb us in the future. 2.and the husband(D) of the women(C)(tenant) which is living at the same home of the women who filed the case and 3.her(C) uncle(F)(tenats) who"s home is next street to my street sir this case case is going to hear on 13/42016 what shall I do now please send me your valuable information Thank you sir, purushotham