Hi sir, my father had housing board home. He passed away before 20 years. that home registered with my mother name after his death. Iam a elder sister next to me 4 younger brothers. And one brother staying with my mother and not allowing others to enter or just to visit that home for some celebration days also. The Brother staying with my mother trying to register that home with his name alone with the help of my mother. If we four ask about that he and my mother both of them shouting & fighting with us & not allowing us to enter to that home. Iam a widow my husband passed away by 2010 and i had 1 boy & 1 girl children. I dont get income also. Iam not interested to stay in that home but i need one share from that home for my children future. Is it possible my mother can give the home to that one brother. Did we have rights to ask that according to law. Please help me in which way i can do. The home have to be sold or i have to stay there. Can u educate me how to handle this situation.