Maternal grandfather property and assests.

Dear Sir After so much in family disputes I have come across to you for discussions and willing to take needfull suggestion. My maternal grandfather expired few months ago leaving behind properties ( three houses and one land)and assests in which two houses are registered in the name of his son ,other one house and land was registered in his own name. My maternal grandfather had two sons and 5 daugthers all are married and have family. From two sons one left the world leaving behind his wife and kids use to live in same house in which grand father was styaing and same house is registered in the name of other son. Unfortunately grandfather did not prepare the will and thus results in disputes in relations. But he told his wish verbaly to all his daughters that after his death his properties shall equally be distribute among all daughters including son. Now the scenerio is son is trying to acquire that other home and a land to get registered into his name and asking noc from all five sisters , he also agrees that after the properties transfer into his name he will sell the second house and a land and distribute the equal amount among all the five sisters including his deceased brother's wife. Here the objection raises by all five sisters that why wud the equal property share will be given to their late brother's wife which is not liable according to Islamic law and cannot be filed into court. They also agreed that after the distribution of equal amount among all five sisters including brother .After that they could mutually help the deceased brother's wife and her kids accordingly ( Deceased son's wife and kids are staying all together in a house where Grand father used to live and the house is registered into other son but he has no objection and can stay into the same house life long. Sir , my question to you is that , is it true and lawful that equal property share cud be given to deceased son's wife. It will be your kind help into the above matter and earlier suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks & Regards Asif khan