Guide line required

My Wife left us 1 month back and after wards there is no conversation from her side. She is not answering to any of the calls and whatsapp. Her father is asking that my daughter do not want to go back so he want faisla. We have told them to make a meeting so that me and my wife will sit and talk but they are saying simply no because their daughter is not willing to talk and want to end up the relationship. but i wish to continue with her at any how. i am having some issue for fertility which she is aware about of and making same point for separation.They are saying its life of their daughter so they want separation. Even my wife is supporting them they are not willing to listen us at any point for discussion every time they are asking for a divorce else thy will go to court and file a case. The marriage is registered. Me and family wish that we should sit together and find out what is the problem between us and solve the same. but issue is this they are not listen ing to u s in any way. Even they is no communication but every day my wife is posting different type of whatssapp status so that we react upon them. Me and my family is under deep mental stress because of this stress and requesting them for a meeting but there is no response. Kindly advice us how we can safeguard our self in this situation. The thought is very clear with me i would like live with her and ready to change myself. Also she is a government employee and we have never taken any money from her salary and her earnings remains in her savings account.