Dowry harresment n domestic volience

I got married 10 months back, my husband very good person but my mother in law is not good , wen talking abt dowry during match conforming they said to our family members that they don't any thing only v need is ur daughter but not they r indirectly criticising me that ur father didn't given me anything u don't having right to talk n do anything, my in law mother say that u have b like servent her, even they restricted me to eat my favorite food,she vl torture me that u r not having conceiving n abusing that I have affair before marriage that's y am not conceiving, in this case my husband vl not react n asking to keep quite, if anything I gave reverse answer he vl say that ur not respecting my mom, bcoz to him wat her mom say that is true, vl this all comes under domestic violence n dowry haressment,wat proof I have show if I case complain as dv case, bcoz my father in law is a lawyer ,n I don't have n proof to against them , bcz they r not giving physical toture but mental torture, vl my case going b valied