Hi, everyone I am very tensed about my career and my future ?? I explained from the starting. I was completed my in computer science stream. I belong to very poor family. At the starting of my graduation my father expired due the ascites. After that i earned money for my living and study . I took loan also for my studies . I successfully completed my education . After that i searched job for the living to pay the installment . At that time I stay in Chandigarh city. So I get job there in and it company. It is very small scale company even i don't know it is registered or not. I start working there because i need the the money at that time. They offered me 4500 as per month salary. I know this is very less and they assured me after three they will give me the increments if my performance is good. I accepted the proposal . After the 4 months they did one meeting with me. My performance is very good even i m very good at programming especially in node js and i know java, php, and all the web development languages. While seeing my skill and Knowledge the offers me one proposal . They said you can signed the non disclosure agreement with us . we will increment your salary by 7000 immediately and its 11500 total onwards. i refused to signed it . But they convenience me and also say to me they increase my salary on every 3 months. I taught its good even i need the money to stat the loan repayment installment. So i accepted the proposal because i don't have any other choice. Know The problem is That , today I complete one year and still 2 years left. They not increase my salary. When i ask about my increment they said your performance is Zero. Sometimes i believed on that may be they right. i worked more hard. I complete my project before time but still they saying its not justified. They torched me everyday even sometimes they threatens me we will bash you and abuse me also. I m very tensed about all these things . Even i gave a one interview to check my technical skills are really poor or they making me fool . I gave the interview at click labs technology . I selected there and they offered me 36000 per month. But i unable to join these. I again start my sharpen my skill may be this time they can increase the salary but still i didn't get anything. I am afraid of agreement thats why is didn't do anything and upon that my financial problems. Can Anybody suggest me what should i do.