Engagement break up

Hello, i got enagaged to girl, 10months ago, it was arranged one, marriage was fixed after 10months. Initially the relation seems going good..she became very possessive about me... i did not mind and thought it was natural, she forced me to do things for her satisfaction...i was just trying to keep the relation goThereing good and give time to understand each other, she hugged and kissed me...and wanted me to do same as itseems its a sign to show my love towards her..we even touched each other private parts.. no time after Enagagement i found the girls behaviour very weird she started tourchuring me keeping affairs with whoever i talk to, let it be cousins or sisters, she hacked all my social accounts and deleted wveryoen from there I was always patient with her use to explain her to stay in peace and not to be so doubtful, but day by day it became worse, and i have to surrender her myself from every little thing which keeps me happy....even after doing so..she was never satisfied...she harassed me and never tried to changer her thinking.she has some,psycic problem....as she use to,change her moods like a chameleon changing its colours...sge use to treaten me she she will die..if i don't listen her...i had nightmares with her...i with my family informed her parents to explain her daughter, we were shocked to see their family behaviour as they returned to our place after a couple of days creating hell of nuisance at my place saying thier girl will never be wrong its only me who ios wrong....they insulted by family creating nuisance in our society...they forcefully took away the engagement ring and returned our gifts which we presented to that girl.....we r always soft and kind with them...even our last visit was so decent and calm, just told them abt the girls behaviour, but after seeing the way they handled...i felt even their parents have mental illness along with her daughter. My family still want to settle things and tried contacting them,t they never responded but only insulted each time..... in public they never declared that the marriage has been called off they have spread wrong rumors on me and my family...they are not calling off the match with relatives...and not use to respond us at the same time....this girl was still in contact me, use to harrase me continuously....i waited three months for their parents to respond to call off the match legally in written. I was ready to return the engagement expenses..it was a small ceremony performed in her house, only clothes were exchanged,during the occasion,,no other gifts expect the engagement rings,... However they dint want any agreements and sent us back saying its cancelled. One the day when they came and created,nuisance at my place they scared us saying that will file a police complaint....knowing their unstable mindsets i knw that they will definitely come back with something or the other in future..... Hence i insisted them to call off the engagement with agreements and returing their expenses. Asual no response. This girl one fine day came to me with the concept of wanting agreement as she want to live a free and independent life, itseems she is fed up and seriously want to come out of things, since her parents were not responding...she requested me to sign the agreement for break up. I denied saying saying i wanted it with families...but she kept on insisting me..i have accepted for this agreement, as i have already wasted my time waiting for their parents response and need to get back to work.... she brought a 100rs stam paper drafted the matter with a advocate....i clearly mentions that the reason for break up is because of she use harrase and torchur me....misunderstandings countered and lost faith on each other...we signed it with my friends as witness...everything went well with her wish and will...couple of days later she started harassing me again to marry her and love her...when i asked about the agreement,,.she says she is fuxk bothered abt the agreement and will file a complaint on me if i don't talk to her or don't respond....the girl mind was very unstable, she cannot be predicted.... I tried explaining her, 1000times that I will not be happy marrying her nor i i,can keep her happy at any time after marriage....she never understood and never let to me live in peace,,,as i work overseas i have to return to my work as i already wasted enough time..and i retuned...she still kept contact with me after even begging and requesting her many times....still same way she use to torchure me.....after some extent i could not take her torchire anymore and i blocked her everywhere....she started calling,my family and threatened them....as i don't respond...she finally launched a complaint on me and my entire family....their family again came a couple of times and created nuisance at my place....just before the marriage date...they filed this case on my entire family....dowry harassment, sexual harassments, cheating and what not...she is troubling my family. None of my family knows abt the agreement she signed with me..as we kept it between us, am still overseas, and they demanding me to marry her harassing my family at stations....i am mentally sick taking this torchire for the last 10months.....she loged a FIR that i cheated her, maintaing close physical relationship with her.....i cannot be happy with her, all my family running around stations for this fake complaints on them....i do not want to marry her, same time i cannot think of even accepting before my family abt the physical things which happened between us.....it was completely upon each other will and wish and we kissed and touched each other, although there was no sexual intercourse.. please help and suggest me how do i get out of it and how do i get my family out of it...they using all the influence and mahila mandals support to torchure me and drag me to marry her...ii cannot even think of marrying such a person....please suggest me can i go ahead to court, will be the agreement which she signed is helpful? There was no notary on the agreement? There r not ready for mutual settlement they only want me to marry her.....can i get out this case? How is the term of punishment in such cases? How long will this case takes in court for judgement....how do i counter the court with agreement and and how i convince abt the close relation? I never had a peaceful sleep ever sinc