False case imposed by wife from her parental city other than Delh

My wife has registered false case of DV against all family members.She has acu send my father as a major convict for sex assault.You will be shocked to hear th is accusation is happening after 15 years of marriage.CRP -125 for maintaince & section 9 for returning to the family.498a case was too in process but was not permitted to register because of her false statement my husband is asking to bri ng the dowry of false charge.All these things came into effect in September2015 Since then I have attended all calls of court in u.p A set up plan to bring me on knees again and again giving me frightening call to kill me & my family by my inla ws asking me for huge pay draft Even my son of 14 years has turned against me because of their bad remarks on me & my father.It seems I should take on the ch Arge to get rid of her by filling the Case from Delhi to make her feel the harrasme nt & pressure to come from 200 kms away to face court proceedings.I just want to ask about filling divorce case from Delhi is right option.As she left me in January 2015 & filed case in September 2015? I'm sorry for writing in details. I hope sir u will understand my problem.I have lost my self ! Nothing is more than the pain of betrayal and lie.I am living just in hell.lt is going above than my patience and saturation level.I hope u will guide me to righteous path of life. Thank's