Mental torture

I am married fr 12 years n hav a kid age 4 n 1/2yrs. From the very begning of our marriage my husband has been torturing me. First incident was i bacame pregenent n my husband denied that this child is his as i was residing at my parents house for studies. But the matter of fact is he use to come every month meet me. The result was abortion. Then after his overseas posting i started working in s company in singapore. He become suspisious again. He never spoke to me fr 8 mnths. He indeed hit me badly over there. Then few months back i wanted to do MBA n even took admition in a college. My parents were bearing the fee fr the course as he refused to pay anything. He even refusef to bear travelling charges frm my place to college which was mearly costing 15 to 20 rupees a day. But he forced me to withdraw the admition even when my parents were giving the fee for it. Even afyer i cancelled my admittion he continued to haress me mentally by saying again and again tat u should go to ur parents house. This time he hit me again .I got fed up of this n called my parents and left with them to there house. Afterone week he came to my parents place to fetch me. I thought now he wont repete this thing but today again he told me to go back to my parents house.... I am really done with these kind of things...pls help me on this and also suggest me if i dont want to go my parents house then r there any place where i can find a shelter for few days with my kid