Married Hindu daughter to claim parent's property in Tamil Nadu

Dear Solicitors, Both my parents deceased in 2014 but they haven't done any will. I & my brother are legal heirs for their properties n other funds invested. Currently I am in Europe but my brother & sisterinlaw was trying to cheat us. We tried to get legal heir certificate when we are in India but my brother planned and avoid their presence during RI inspection. I lost the faith with him & his family.So i kept most of property n funds documents in locker and came back to Europe due to work related pressure. My brother getting rents from all of my parent's properties which I have not worried. When we came back in later 2014, we logged a complaint in TamilNadu CM Cell and he gave written reply that he will talk with us in front of family elders. He retaliated that he complained against my fatherinlaw in local police station in chennai during Jan'2015 but my fatherinlaw gave a written reply in Madurai. In the mean time, We were trying to contact my brother resolve this issue by verbal negotiations since 2014. I managed to speak with him last week but my brother was so furious & used unparliamentary words. My brother threatens me that how you will come to india & how will return back to Europe as my sisterinlaw has a police link in her family. Now i am worried about my family safety while my visit to India later this year. My brother also said that he is not willing to participate any negotiations as he is going against his written reply that he gave with CM cell. My questions are: >> How to ensure my family safety while we visit to India later this year as both of my father & motherinlaw not well. >> Do i need to inform embassies and local relevant govt agencies before our departure >> Is there an option in law that to stop tenant paying the rent to my brother and ask tenants pay it to the court legally >> I am trying to resolve this peacefully through negotiations & don't want to damage my parent's name within family member or is there any option to resolve it legally. I am aware that i have asked more questions in this forum, my apologies for that. I would appreciate if you could give some guidelines to resolve it. Many thanks Kind regards, S Rajan