If any co. not refund the money, cheat, harass, fraud.

I m working as a financial advisor since last 15 yrs. & got lot of award and appriciation from lot of reputed and branded co. like lic, icici, sbi, star health, birla , reliance etc. But since last 2 yr. i am suffering a problem which arrised form the companies who have taken the deposit in term of fd, rd, debenture from the customers and i am a agent in those co. and i also invested but on the time of the maturity, these co. are not giving maturity or any services to the customes. Off. closed, nobody are giving any reply. Even i worked with full honesty & sincerity but when these type of unseen problems came in this profession then I put lot of complaint & follow up to the different related dept. against the co. being a agent to get the relief to the customers. Even i am v much disturbed then the customers because my whole business, life, relationship. goodwill, money, personal like disturbed and lost lot of priceless things of life. But some clients don,t understand my situation because i am v much near by them and they want to harm me, misbehave with me. This time i am facing double problem one side the co. and other side the client. Even i am doing lot of struggle for the clients. But result in not in my hand because this is in the hand of the company or its management. In his situations what should i do? so that i can do the business smoothly because i have to provide the lot of services to the others clients.