Require refund of coaching fees as the class couldnot be attended

Dear Sir, Some years back I was pursuing a professional course. For a few subjects I had planned to attend coaching classes taken by a professor. I paid an overall fees of Rs. 24,000 approximately. However unfortunately I could not attend the classes as I developed back pain and travelling was difficult. Due to this I requested the professor to refund my fees. However he argued with me and refused to refund the same. I tried to constantly demand him to refund the fees and told him that as per the law services were not provided and hence fees should be returned. As I constantly demanded refund of fees he later started threatening me that he will trap me in a conspiracy and that I will be at loss. Also he mislead my parents into believing something that did not really happen. That time I did not take any further action against him as I wanted to rather concentrate on my studies. But now I feel like getting my money back as I would rather utilize this money for some better purpose or charity rather than wasting money for no reason. I request you to kindly let me know what legal action I can take against the professor. Also kindly provide me approximately what will be your fees for legal proceedings. Also if I will win the case will I be able to get the entire refund of fees including the cost incurred for legal consultation? I request you to kindly provide me your address and contact details so that I can consult with you personally. Thanks and Regards, Sumish