Child custody

I got married under Hindu act... I'm 27 years old and he is 34 years old... From day 1 there is no sex relationship between us... after 4 months I take my husband to doctor.. he told that my husband has problem which is related to sex... after that doctor took some tests and told he has very less posibility ( means only 10%)to get child.... he doesnt even care about this he went to office daily and come have food and sleep... I was shocked and totally upset thought that my life gone waste... daily i was crying a lot alone... then I was searched so many ways how to get child .. after 1 year i went to infertility specialist and told my story...after that I got one solution... after all these I have gone through ivf treatment.. in my side I'm having good health condition... in ivf treatment only i got pregnant in first cycle itself... I took my full effort for this child... my mother in law and father in law both are money minded... both didn't come and didn't give me even a single help.... my mother in law always torturing for dowry from day 1 of my marriage my husband also torturing me he didnt understand my feelings ... now I decided that my child is enough for me through out my life... now I'm 3 months pregnant through ivf treatment... my doubt is: I need my child till end of my life.. if I'm applying divorce means I need my child with me till end... is there any possibilities that my husband take my child from me.. pls give me suggestions