How can i book my husband and in laws for harassment?

Hi. I've been married for almost 2 years now. Right now I am in India, husband is in gulf, his parents are in India. My husband cannot tolerate the fact that I'm more intelligent and talented than him so he does not let me practise my hobbies or anything. He used to stop me from talking to everybody, including my family and relatives. He used to verbally abuse me and he expects me to be okay with that, because his dad teaches him that. His mom has stolen money from my purse multiple times but acts as if she is extremely good. She barely used to feed me because she is very stingy and wants to keep food for everybody else. Never allowed me to cook because she is extremely mother in law and father in law have lied Alot about me and my mother to my husband. So now they have created a rift between my father and me, and my father and my mother. They forced us to do an extremely grand wedding (70 lakes), and expect me to be their slave. My mother in law also has been asking my father to buy a house. She has forced us to buy costly Sarees also for her. I've told my husband I had a past, way before our wedding. He is blackmailing me with that now. He is threatening to expose it in public , stick a poster of me or make a movie about it (because his brother in law is a movie producer). His sister has also been lying about me to him. He is saying when I join him in gulf, he will lock me at home and go out. And will open the door only when he is back. And he is saying I should not be in contact with anyone. He irritates me till I get angry and then complains about me. He lies that I'm going to hit him. He expects me to not show anger and also not express if I'm sad. What the point if I cannot be myself? I've been away from him since November. He is extremely vengeful. He and his parents have asked me to write and give them that if anything happens to me, it's not their responsibility. He behaves nicely to my father but talks horribly to the rest of us. He and his parents are two faced as hell. He and his parents have been calling and pestering my father asking whether I want to live with him or not. Now he is saying he wants to come down to meet me, which I don't want. Because again he will start his threatening and everything I'm not ready to go through all this anymore. I do want a divorce but he is threatening to shame me. Please help!