How to get out of the false fir under IPC section 467

My father has purchased a plot of 66 square meter from khasra no:2158(4028.66 square meter) on 20/05/2004 from Mr. x. X has selled various part of this plot other person also approximately 50 persons and on 28/10/2004 he has taken loan of Rs 10,00,000 from Union bank of India, agra against khasra no;2158 which is stated above. X was not able to pay loan so bank has declared this loan NPA in 2010 and under SARFAESI act get the acquisition permission from lower court in 2012. when bank reached for acquisition of the property then they noticed this property is selled in parts by forgery and by the permission of district magistrate under section 14 of punishment launched the fir against the 9 person on 8/10/2012 under ipc section 406/420/467/468/471 till now police has not submitted the charge sheet In these 9 person my father name also present as i stated earlier this property one part which my father purchased earlier the loan given to the accused x and approximately 50 person has purchased only 9 person name are registered. My father is fourth grade servant of the civil defence department of central government since 32 years, don't have any criminal back ground and respect law in such manner if my father have to 4:30 Am in the morning to pick some one from railway station don't forget to use helmet on two-wheeler in Agra. I have also applied writ petition for arrest stay in Allahbad high court and it got rejected i don't want my father to arrested in wrong case with out doing anything wrong if something need to be clarify we will show the property papers they are original and we have not built anything on that plot till now not even boundary around that plot. Please suggest me the best option to save my father from this false fir case waiting for your response. Regards Avinash Tiwari