Rights of children on parents after their marriage

Hi, One situation arised in family members. Please let me know what family law is saying in this case. He is the person from hindu family n got married n had one son and daughter. He fulfilled all his responsibilities towards his son n daughter. He distributed all his properties at the time of their marriages. They are living seperately in the same city. Now they have kids n towards them also fulfilled all his responsibilities. But, he never enjoyed his personal life in his 40 years of married life. Now, he wants to live his personal life to go away from his family n to leave his wife at his son. So, in this case, person wants to live with another women to fulfil all his ideas with her. There is no issues from the second women. But, his childrens are not agreeing him to go away from them. He left all his properties n all to them only. So, in this case, what family law is saying towards him and his children? Whether children can involve in his personal life or not after their marriage? and what extent his decision is right? Thanks