Dv act and 125 crpc

HI, My name ila datta. I have filed DV Act and 125 CrPC against my husband. he is in excise department as constable at agra. I am from new delhi. My marriage held on 18 jan 2015. It was not running successfully. I have two another member in my matrimonial home my mother in law and my sister-in law. My sister in law is also divorcee.both of ladies will create violence against me every time. quarrel with me all the time. Used abused language against me. My husband always defence them and trying to beating me. I am alone there. Nobody for me which i can share my point of view. I am residing my parents from 5 oct 2015. There is no chance to live together. After then i filed my both cases on dec 2015.The first hiring of DV Act had held on 15 Feb 2016. The judge was absent on that day. Now second date held on 11 april 2016 and for 125 CrPC held on 12 april 2016. How much time take on both cases? one more question i have when my case go to mediation if asked for live separately with my husband and he denied for staying with me then what action will be done