Property Partition

Hello., I am greatly worried about this. I don't know what to do in this situation - My grandfather expires in 2001. He has 4 sons and 2 daughter. My grand mother is still alive. An 1 home in city, 1 Home in Village and 1 Shop in city - These properties are registered as my grand father's name. Now My daddy and his bro's were in village. All 4 bro's are businessmen. Then after my daddy came to city. And all money that they earned were in village. Now After some years my daddy bought an new shop. And money for that shop was given from that village's money. My daddy registered Shop by his name. Now they are not giving any money so my daddy is not able to do business. Money worth is very big. And we are living in my grand father's home. My daddy told them to do partitions. But they are not giving us positive reply. All 3 bro's are doing bad things. Might be they want all property and money. Many times they do things that is not tolerable. They try to hit my daddy. Come to home And in front of my Mom he gives bad words. we told many times do partitions but he is not doing and shouting and doing many other things. What should we do??? My daddy doesn't have any written thing or proof about village' money. So what will be your best advice. ANd my daddy has 1 shop so in partition should my daddy need to put it for partition or not? Please give me suggestions. I am in tension That what to do. In any cost we need to do partition. Because they are giving warnings. I am having 1 audio recording - In that they given many bad word to us.. And also i captured photos of injuries that my daddy got. They hit my daddy also.. Please give me suggestions Thanks in advance