General offer case

Moot Problem – 1 The following advertisement appeared in The Bharat Times dated 15th June 2010: “A reward of INR 15000 will be paid by Relicop Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. (herein called the “Company”) who contracts the emerging H1N1 flu or the related virus, after having taken their pill daily for three weeks as per the directions printed on the box. We have a hundred percent success rate for the pill for the last season of flu related diseases. Address : Relicop Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., Tansen Marg, New Delhi – 110001” Mr. Kachru, residing in Ahemdabad, saw and the above advertisement and believed the accuracy of the statements appearing in the advertisement. His son Rishabh Kachru, aged 12 years, was down with fever and was taken to their family doctor Dr. Vedh. He then made Rishabh take the three weeks course of the pill. Dr. Vedh had no knowledge of the said advertisement. However despite having taken the said course of medicines Rishab contracted H1N1 flue on 27th July 2010. Mr. Kachru, on behalf of his son wrote to the Company about his son contracting the H1N1 flue and asking for INR 15000 as promised by them in their advertisement. The Company denied the amount saying there was never a contract between Mr. Rishabh Kachru and the Company. Issues: 1- Whether Rishab kachru is entitled to the reward? 2- Is Dr. Vedh liable? 3- Whether Relicop Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd is liable? Please sir can u help me out with the supporting case laws & arguments on the above issues?