Cheated by a person

One Person cheated me very badly 1) He offers me a job for that i has to pay 1,20,000/- 2) After That i realized that the Company doesn't has good reputation over the market i went to the company with the offer letter they states that the OFFER LETTER WAS FAKE 3) So i decided to Quit that offer i asked him give me my money back he agreed for that 4) After Few days he involved some GUNDAS (ROWDIES) to settle this all issues , all that ROWDIES Threats in that issue 5) they given some time period to return some money he crossed that time period 6) some more ROWDIES involved in that to settle that case 7) by seeing all rowdies i went to POLICE STATION there he agrees to give CHEQUE with time period of 2 months 8) we deposited the CHEQUE in the bank two(2) times CHEQUE was returned 9) after that we take him to POLICE STATION 10) there also he took some time period to return our money and from there he ESCAPED from there PLEASE Suggest me what cases i can file on him a) i loose my career b) we are threatened with ROWDIES c) i loose 6 months of interest