Cruelty of husband while wife doesn't want divorce

I have been married to a man for last 15 months. Its an arrange marriage. He also have 2 unmarried younger sisters. My husband abuse me and my parents. He become violent with me whenever I tried to reply to him. We are a rajput family so I always have to put on veil (Gungath). No one in the family talk to me. here I am suppose to do all house works and remain in the house all the time. Which I do. My husband is against my study. I have PG and bEd. But he says you can't do the job because "I don't like my wife to work and go out from home". I am totally fed up with this life. He doesn't like me to talk to my parents and visit my parents. Whenever I say "I want to go to my parents", he says "No, if you go, for for forever". And fights with me. I think, he doesn't like me. He always try to make circumstances to me to live him. He says "I will marry another girl".he wants me to divorce him. Which I will never do. I WANT TO LIVE A PEACEFULL LIFE. I want him to treat me as a wife instead of a slave. Please suggest me, what can I do? This time I am at my parents house for last two months. Because two months back when I was there with him,he sent some intimate photos of both of us to my brother and sister in law also to my younger brother from my mobile when I was sleeping. And wrote a sms as I wrote that. Please help