Fake Adhar Card enrollment

Hello, I am Anil kumar s/o- H.C Choudhary. I had applied for an adhar card in 2013 and got that made as well. than since i am the follower of Islam so i thought to convert myself into islam i had gone for conversion. i went in a mosque and accepted Islam. I had taken an affidavit as well changing my own name and fathers name . i did not publish it in news paper as i did not want my family to be affected due to this . after some time i thought to have some documents to be made under my new name : AAFTAB ISMAIL S/O- HAIDER KHAN, I consulted the local adhar vendor and updated him that i want to change my religion but i already have a adhar card under my Hindu Name . He said we do not require any document . you finger print and eye retina will match so they will cancel automaticcaly the first adhar card under name of Anil kumar and will issue a new adhar under new Name Aftab Ismail. If they need any clarification they will contact you . After the enrollment i kept checking the status online and it was showing your adhar is under manual check process and remain same status even for three months. I checked with adhar call center they asked me to re apply . I again applied with the Muslim Name Aftab ismail. Again in the new enrollment status was same online . so i complaint to adhar authority via e mail . They updated me that your adhar is already generated . I denied saying i need a new adhar. They filed a complaint against me for fake / forge enrollment of adhar. from than now i have been receiving calls from several police stations even from Crime branch Delhi.I had received a notice from crime branch delhi and went their to meet the officer but got to know that he has been transferred . I contacted Crime branch officer over phone . he asked me to wait till he calls me again to meet him. Now i received one call from the police station from where i had taken the first Adhar card (Anil). Now one Police man from my local police station is harassing me . He asked me to come for the statement several times and once i reach to him he says come later . I have been tired now . Please advise what to do