Termination matter

My husband working with gov. of Gujarat from 2007 on contractual basis. 5/2/2015 his services terminated without giving any reason .at that time his phd was running as part time scholar at one wellknown institute .we are living in residential quarter provided by gov. of Gujarat from 2007.after termination we file case in high court under eviction act1972 saying that termination not followed by proper steps around 17/4/2015.we got status report from the court.still court has not given any stay or notice every time we are getting new date.somehow that was benefitial for us as we are still living in quarter.institute oftenly giving us notice to vacat quarter and pay market rent around12000/monthwhich we are not able to pay we are paying lightbill regularly to institute.now my husbands phd completed and he is getting contract job for 3 months in some project at some famous gov. institute out of gujarat.so what we can do now?can I continue living in quarter as court matter is going on? Is it making any problem to my husband’s new job? Leagly what we should do now to come out of all these safely and without any loss?plz reply as early as possible thanking you