Complaint against cheating/fraud

I want to lodge a complaint against a recruiting company operating under the name of Creative Tech services in Distict center, Janakpuri in Jaina-Tower(2).I went there on 22nd feb(monday) after receiving a call from quikr on providing job facility of working from home. After reaching there, I got to know that I would have to deposit Rs 650 for a Telephonic interview and only then they will listen to me.I paid the amount and after a telephonic arbitrary interview with a lady named palak sharma , they handed over a receipt of Rs 650 to me telling that i would receive a phone call from them on saturday with the name of the place,location where I would have to go for training. I received message from her on saturday evening with the name of the location--Hotel Moments 7A/74,Channa market,karol bagh and upon reaching there they again charged amount of 1500 rupees from me on the pretext of training which was good for nothing training and the lady palak sharma gave me a temporary receipt signing over the document....promising me of receiving Appointment letter by end of the day evening, arranging of an executive coming over at my home for giving information regarding starting off work from home. But I didn't received any call nor any kind of email...i called her up 4-5 times, but she didn't replied back. After insisting her on emailing the letter to me, she send me a blank photo/draft of Letter of Intent on What's app with nothing mentioned over it. I refused to accept this fake letter and asked her for refunding my hard earned money back, and she agreed to it. However since then, I have been messaging and calling both of these people, the person named sparsh(Owner of creative tech services) and lady named palak sharma, they have refunded only initial registration amount of Rs 650 only and have not paid the training amount of Rs 1500 till date inspite of repeated follow-ups via messages and call. I have their contact numbers, office address, temporary receipt, chat messages, call details in my phone as proof. Request you to help me get my hard earned money back as this is a complete scam with so many agencies involved posing themselves as recruiting agencies, making fool out of people on promising them good jobs, taking away their hard earned money. Poor people like me give them money in the hope of receiving good job but they dont get any. Please ......please take strict action against these culprits as I am sure these type of cases go unreported as people get tired of calling and eventually give up.This would surely be a big scam as they are telling me they would pay my remaining amount via direct transfer and courier my supporting documents but haven't paid till date. And today on 13th March(Sunday) when I spoke to him asking him for the direct deposit of remaining amount, he again started giving excuses...tmrw, day after tmrw...and when i threatened him to file police case, he said that he is not afraid of police and ask me to watever i can. Please help me as to I don't know whom to reach in this I need to reach police and lodge FIR...or is there any way I can lodge an Online FIR without visiting police station in person. Is there any helpline number associated who can help me quickly in receiving my money back. Although 1500 is not a very big amount, but such people should be taught a lesson who took people hard earned money alluring them of a good job...and later on do not pick up calls nor reply for the messages..................Please help me as I know this is going to be big scam...2-3 agencies involved as lady Palak sharma told me that they have their office in gurgaon as well...I have the address of gurgaon office also with me. Kindly suggest appropriate solutions. Thanks Binny sharma