Restitution of conjugal rights

Greetings, i am asking this query on behalf of my sister who is facing a legal problem in family court regarding RCR of HM act. The brief of her issue is, she got married in 2013 and within a week of her marriage she was tortured by her husband and his parents and she could adjust for an year. Meanwhile, she delivered a baby boy and even then their harrassment continued. Later she was told her husband to stay in her mother's house for 2 days and without informing her, they went to their native. When we went to get our things back, they assaulted on my sister and hence we lodged complaint on them on Domestic Violence act. It is still pending with the court for hearing. Meanwhile, they have lodged Restitution of Conjugal Rights case in accordance with HM act 1955 at their native which is 600 Km far from the place where she is staying. She got notice from family court to attend the hearing but she could not attend it since her health condition was not good and she cannot travel such a long distance becausr of her health issue and her son also got typhoid the same time. We have docter certificate for all. We had appointed a lawyer to attend the hearing on her behalf and he has also not attended the hearing and because of this the family court has ordered X party for us and the hearing is going on considering us as X party. We have also filed transfer petition in high court if karnataka and it is admitted and waiting for orders. I request you to guide us what we ccan do further to revoke the X party order by the family court. Is it mandatory for my sister to attend the hearing despite of her health issue