Property unable to bifurcate

Hi, My name is akram ansari. my grandfather had 3 home in Jodhpur city. 1 in which the whole family is living now. 2 he has got from railway on nominal price (he was employed with railway). 3 nobody is live in this house my uncle & aunty is tacking care of it. my grandfather had 5 sons & 4 daughter 1 out 5 son has been passed away in 2005. his widow & one daughter living with my father. my father is the eldest son of my grandpa in family. my grandpa was passed away in march-2012 after 1 year of hi death my father gathered all the brother (4 brothers including my father, no sister was there) and ask them to make a decision about my grandpa's property. right at that point my 4th no uncle has produced photo copy of a legal documents. the documents was on 10 rs stamp paper stated by my grandpa that he is handing over the 2nd no property to only him. the 2nd no property was biggest & expensive one. in the documents my 2nd no aunty (bua) was also in signatures in that stamp paper. the legal paper was prepared in 2008. and from 2008 to march 2013 nobody (brother & sisters) aware about it. we had discussed withing the family to take a decision about the grandpa's property but they are unable to reach at any decision. please suggest me should we go to the high court for it.