Need advise on IPC 354, 509

I am a divorcee woman, recently divorced in Jan 2016. I have one son who is residing with me. I am also working in IT company and employed in good position. During by course of separation in 2014-15, my husbands childhood friend Mr. Prosenjit Choudhury, residing in 13/1/1 Verner Lane, Kolkata -56 became friendly with me. First he tried to frame me by saying that he knows a doctor named Dr. Animash Gana whom I was searching for some depression problems. While I did not get to meet him personally, he said me that I can contact him on email. While I was little hesitant, he suggested that he consults his patients over email and then if finds suitable, then he meets patient personally. As I trusted his opinion, I contacted the doctor over email. However, in 2 days time, I could find that the doctor on the other side is fake. I asked this guy about the doctors profile and details, then confronted that since he liked me from last 11 years , i.e from the time I was married in 2004, he wanted to get close to me hence framed this as a opportunity. Although I tried to keep a distance, he repeatedly proposed me. He also said that he is also divorced from his wife and needs companion. As I was in a difficult phase of my life, I trusted him and became friendly. I shared a lot of my private and personal life. Soon I felt a closeness with him. He also used me physically and had physical relationship with me. Although it was not in my consent. I tried to keep him away and told him to keep distance many times. However, he said, he is interested in me and wants to get married. As he was jobless at that point of time, I also helped him in to work and start a venture to work as freelancer. However, while he was still putting pressure to be physical with him every now and then. He used to follow him home. After repeated explanation, when I found there is no use of advising, I made a complete cut off with him. It made him so angry that he exposed my pictures, private chat and other details to my husband (ex husband) and his family. He also tried to defame me. He demanded money from me to close his mouth. However I denied it totally. He also harassed my parents and brother and said if I dont obey him, he will go to any extent to spoil my reputation. As I was very scared in the beginning, I kept silent till I got my divorce. However, I need justice. Hence, on 27th Feb 2016, I filed FIR against him. It was lodged as 509. Although the police incharge convinced me that he will be arrested, I was later informed that he has already got bail. I am trying to follow up with the police in charge however he is constantly making me run from pillar to post. I would seek legal help in this case.