Colony boundry wall demolished by Municipal committee people.

Dear Sir, We 6 house are situated in Naya Goan Mohali and at the end of the street .we have constructed a conman wall .At the back of the wall a house is being build and the house owner has destroyed the wall two time again we have destroyed the wall. third time he had destroyed the wall through Municipal corporation employees without prior notice and in absence of .When asked MC people they told us that they have orders from DC and SP office but not able to show anty order. After visiting MC office for a week they have shown us complaint letter written to SP that colony member not letting that person take way from our street and SP order that take action as per low but as per their statement they dnt have any order from DC office. Our reason for not letting that person any way from our street are :- 1:- Legally as per revenue record his land registry does not mention any way/passage from our colony side or street. 2:- Many time that person as being employee of High Court try to threatened a Widow of 65 yr. old resident of H. No 1042 in absence of her family members and other colony members. 3:- On 21st December he along with his Son and landlord physically assaulted our colony member resident of H.No 1045.FIR was already raised against them. 4:- He belongs to other colony as per the location of his house and his Gali road is very near from the main road and if we talk about our Gali road distance from main road is triple. Then why he want way from our Gali. 5:- His main entrance/Gate is from his own Gali and he want way from our Gali because he then will be able to Park his vehicles in our Gali/Road which he is already doing and creating problem to the Gali Residents. We request you to kindly help us