Compassionate ground job

Sir my neighbor son mr. rasu his age 35 , his father expired 3 months back his age is 53 he was a govt servant he is working adi dravidar welfar hostel as a cooker , the applicant mother working a consolidated payment (rs.3000/pm)in tamilnadu govt as sattuvunavu thittam . the applicant have one younger brother and younger sister those are married and live in separately. , now the applicant want his father job as by compassionate ground job , he approach local govt office , they told you are not eligible for that job, he explain as tamilnadu labour act U.O. Note No. 28506/Q1/92-1 Labour and Employment Department DT.4.5.92 , IN LAST PARA CLEARLY TOLD (Even if one member of the family other than the deceased Government servant was employed over before the death of the Government servant and was living separately without extending any help to the family, then the case of other eligible dependants may be considered.) KINDLY ADVICE CAN WE PLEASE SEND ANY ORDER OR PREVIOUS CASE IN THIS MODEL , KINDLY FORWARD AND KINDLY ADVICE FURTHER SIR PLEASE HELP