FIR has been registerd on my wife due to her false affidavits

Hi Sir, My wife filed a 498A case & DV act /Maintanance cases on me in the year of 2012 march, In the DV Act /Interim maintanance case, She has given false affidavits in MMTC ,FTC and HC of Karnataka courts regarding her salary details and employment details . She stated that she doesn't has job and not working any where , For first 2 and a half years all courts trusted her and passed 10 k per month interim maintanance order for my wife only , But after it came to final cross examination i found that she has been worked for 3 different companies with 2 different names ,Same thing i have informed to the court in the pitition ,Court has passed the order to her employer to provide the employment details of my wife , Next day her employer appeared in the court and submitted her employment details (she was getting 33 thousands per month) , From my side I have given correct information to the court about my salary of 60,000 per month ,So it has been proved in the court that she has been drawing handsome salary , After the final argumnets judge has passed the order of 8000 per month and 4 thousands for the baby only (we have one kid with the age of 2 years ), but my wife prayer is "she is jobless and due to domestic violance ,my wife need maintanance , in this case my baby is not a party and in the prayer my wife ONLY asked for maintanance . But judge has given maintanance to my kid 12,000 rupees per month (8K +4K for education) , this order came from the MMTC court on 2015 june ,,Now i went for session court for an appeal and its still runnning inthe court with stay order . Based on the above flase affidavits i put a criman case on my wife one year back ,now court has passed PCR to police station and F.I.R has been registered on my WIFE , with the sections of IPC 420,406,181, 415 . So i have been fighting ALONE in the courts from the past 4 years , but my wife has big support from her family members (since all people are well educated and worked) ,initially she demanded for 20 lakhs ,after that she asked for 16 lakhs ,then she asked for 13 lakhs and 2 months back they asked for 8 lakhs , This FIR has been filed on her just 2 weeks back ,she doesn't know about this event , Please note that this false lady has been filed for divorce in the family court 5 months back ,but i am dragging this wothout taking summons , Please assist me how to get out from my cases (498A & DV act maintenance) with out paying any money to my wife ,also i need divorce . Regards , Prashanth ,Bangalore