To file against Facebook Authority

I was using facebook book account since 2012, i am an engineer doing IT business in India, On JAn 2016 Facebook team locked my account saying that i am using my company name with my name in facebook,and asked me to submit id proof details, after few days facebook team emailed me that my account was unlocked and can use the facebook as normal. But since when i try to login it only shows an error screen. I had reported the same to Faceboom team nearly 92 times, sometimes they replies to me as my account was unlocked , and some times my request was cancelled,I am sending requests to facebook since jan 2016,till now no solution from them, also i am loosing my business as many business contacts and deals are via facebook pages. Also my account cant log in i cant report to them on any forums or via any other options.Facebook only has just posting screen to contact them,.They never provide any email or phone numbers to contact them.Also in India they also have an escalation manager email id. But when we sends emails to thi s address it just bounces back. I Am asking any law expert where i can file c case against facebook, at consumer court or at CCI, or else. Please guide me as i now want to make this issue of negligence and poor support system to public.