Salary not given for Feb 16 Month work

Respected Sir, My employer "Ram Agarwal & Associates" which is partnership CA firm. I worked there from July 2015 as Sr. Project Manager. In the month of Feb 2016, my employer made HR and Admin policy in which they wrote For 2nd and 4th Saturday off, there will not be compensatory Off. For that I asked them to give Comp off for working on Saturdays off. They refused and immediate on next 4th Saturday, I took my week off leave. Next day, I got email message from Mr Ram Agarwal, to meet him in office, when I called him regarding this, I told him due to meeting with client, I will come to meet you on Thursday 10th March 2016 and do not stop my salary credit. He said OK, but not credited my salary due to his ego issue. Due to non-credit of my salary, i suffered lots of financial losses and when I called him for salary credit, he asked me to come and meet first. Till date,my salary for the Month of Feb 2016 is not credited, Please guide me what legal action I can take against my employer ? I have all documents, Salary Slip, Appointment letter etc.