Divorce 498a settlement through mediation

Hi Lawyers, I have obtained Ex-party Divorce decree in USA (Uncontested by Ex Wife) Wife filed 498a and now looking for settlement in front of Legal Aid I am ready to settle the matter provided I get Divorce & all 498a cases quashed Questions: - Do I have to file under Sec 13-B or can the mediation take the course of accepting US divorce as final (Separated for over 6 years) - Can my Power of Attorney represent in Mediation and finalize divorce as I CANNOT come until everything is finalized and done (I see one such case in Mumbai – Shipla Joshi advocate) - I also want to make sure that the payments are made only when result are achieved, although I can deposit the funds in Court / mediation Escrow. - Sequence of events in which 498a & Divorce case can be completed through mediation - If necessary, can remote Video Conference be used? I am ready for that & there are some courts which have done that. Are there any reference judgments for Power of Attorney use for divorce / 498a / video conference? Any help appreciated. Thanks. Ram