Abt the family issue

I'm bharathi from Bangalore 25 yrs old I got married 2 yrs bfr nd now I have a daughter of 1 yr. My problem is my husband torched me vry much frm my marriage life started I was aborted when he hit me during my first pregnancy and when I got pregnant for the second time I got sacred of repeating the same nd I came to my parents house but he took me to stay vth him for one week nd did the same nd I got hurt on my stomach nd cried a lot vth pain but aftr me suffering for 1hr he took me to hospital for name sake he dint do scan anything whc was prescribed by doctor. He left me the next day to my parents home nd Warren's me that I have to not tell to anybody. Then I suffered so much during my pregnancy I was admitted for 5times in the hospital nd delivered A premature baby and evn my baby was in Nicu for 15 days. Now on Nov 15th my parents did naming ceremony nd sent me the same day to my husband house he started irritating me for each nd everything nd started fighting nd there was a gas leakage also whc was done by him early in the morning nd I got to knw nd nothng happens for God grace. Nd on 21st there was a vaccination to my child nd I had been to my parents house on 22 nd he came to take me back nd he came nd tuk me frm here to his house nd started fighting. Then he dint lev me to speak on phone also when my parents called me continually then around 11:30 in nyt I called my dad cryng nd told he is tourchurng my dad called him nd scolded nd he told he is coming my husband left me nd my child nd ranaway in nyt then I called is mother nd told they came home with my brother in law s nd started scolding me. My parents came around 12 nd they brought me back home vth my child from that day I'm in my parents home oly he dnt come or did a call nothing he dnt come to my daughter 1st year birthday also. I oly tried calling but he vl cut the call as soon as he listen my voice. All my medical charges was paid my parents oly. He as no care on me or my child. Wht shud I do now