Neighbour's Nuisance.

Dear Sirs, I am a Christian and I stay in a duplex house in Secunderabad area in Hyderabad. It's a gated community. I was the sole resident till last 9 years in that gated compound and since last 1 year our builder has sold out other duplex houses to others (All of them Hindus). Now, the residents of other houses have formed a group (All Hindus) and every when and then they have parties by putting up a shamiyana in the common passage (Which is the only way to go out of the gated community and to come in) and serve lunch and dinner obstructing the common passage. Their kids every afternoon and evening only play right infront of my house. I did inform their parents however, instead of repeated requests they still come and play in front of my house and make noises. I work in the night shifts and it's really difficult to sleep when kids make noise. Also, my children find it difficult to concentrate on their studies and even do not prefer to go out of the house as all the kids also have formed a group and behave very strangely with my kids. I have two children (both girls) who do not prefer to go out and play with them as the neighbour's kids finds differences in my children as they being christian. Not only this, whenever i come to office (My neighbour, who has influenced all other residents, come and sit right in front of my house in the evening and talk on loud volume and speak bad about me. My neighbour never park their cars infront of their house but always park in front of my house. Thou, we did tell them not to park infront of our gate but they respond saying that they have parked in the common passage. My neighbour also has 2 dogs which keep barking through day and night which is also making too much of nuisance. I can not go and speak to other neighbours as they have formed one group against me. Now, they are planning to form a society excluding me which is really disturbing. I just wanted to take an advise as to what shall i do for this person to stop this nuisance.